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NJMEP "We Made It" Series

UNEX Manufacturing

About the Project

We teamed up with NJMEP (New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program) to produce a series of videos to showcase all the local manufacturers that NJMEP has helped throughout the years. 

This was not just your average customer testimonial. We went around to several Manufacturers all across the state of New Jersey to not only tell the story of what NJMEP has done for them, but also tell a little bit about their own company and share their own personal story. 

This was beneficial for both parties. Not only did it help NJMEP and give them the content that they needed, but it also gave each company we went to an about video to use on their own site. We're very proud of how these videos came out and we hope you enjoy them too!


Safran Aerospace
UNEX Manufacturing

Still Frames

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